September 19, 2017

Sasha Byers – Helping Women through Financial Empowerment

  Aleksandra Sasha Byers has the mission to help women unleash their personal power. As a United Nations’ Women Global Champion for Women Economic Empowerment, Sasha mentored and collaborated with women advocates understanding that without financial empowerment, women are limited in their lives.  Now, as a Financial Services Professional, Sasha helps women gain financial control … Continue reading Sasha Byers – Helping Women through Financial Empowerment

August 23, 2017

Barbara Kunde Minuzzi & Daniela Arruda Uber – Latinas Impacting Lives with Babel Ventures

Bárbara Kunde Minuzzi and Daniela Arruda founded the Silicon Valley firm Babel Ventures, which raised $30 million dedicated to help entrepreneurs who struggle to receive funding. These Latina entrepreneurs have been raising large amounts of funding for real estate and high-tech companies and now they are focusing on start-ups. Ready to learn about what drives these amazing Latina immigrants? Read on and be inspired! 

August 21, 2017

Veronica Buitron – Bringing Style and Ethical Fashion from Los Andes

Verónica Buitrón, founder of SUSPIRO, is a design artisan combining sustainability with Social Entrepreneurship, focused on pro-Fairtrade, natural materials & local production. SUSPIRO’s mission is “to revive, empower and promote the hand-made and sustainable work of the textile artisans living in the Ecuadorian Andes.” Verónica doesn’t only create beautiful and modern pieces, but she has brought the tools for artisans in Ecuador to become more empowered. Read on for more inspiration. 

August 18, 2017

My Research Adventure

When taking a chance on yourself pays off: I’m a published author of award-winning research and an international speaker thanks to following the advice of a professor at FAU’s Executive MBA program.

August 4, 2017

Isabella Acker – Inspiring People to Create, Build, and Stay in Miami

Isabella Acker is a culture crusader, community builder and influencer in the culture scene in Miami. As the founder and Curator of Culture of Prism Creative Group, she elevates the community through curated and impactful content. She worked as the Marketing Director for Live Nation Florida Clubs & Theaters and co-founded her first company, Black Key Group, a platform for local artists that helped successfully launch the careers of several acts including the Latin GRAMMY-nominated Raquel Sofia among many others. Through Prism Creative Group, she is a cultural storyteller creating a sense of place and re-branding Miami. Read on for more insights to Izzy’s journey.

July 25, 2017

Malena Santos – Promoviendo la Cultura del Café

Malena Santos combina su pasión por el café y por crear espacios donde sus clientes se sienten bienvenidos en su Jervis Delicatessen Cafe en Cumbayá, Ecuador. Gracias a su experiencia de casi 15 años trabajando en el mundo de la publicidad, Malena trae creatividad y una energía especial a su café y con su perspectiva de aprendiz y curiosa en su industria, Malena aprende a diario de sus éxitos y retos con entusiasmo. Esta es su entrevista con Ana Larrea-Albert de NENANI.

July 16, 2017

Andrea Guzman Oliver – Advocating for Diversity in Higher Education

Dr. Andrea Guzman Oliver is the highest ranking Latina at Florida Atlantic University and with that accomplishment comes the responsibility of not only demonstrating that Hispanic/Latina women are equally strong, competent, and as politically savvy as their counterparts, but also serving as an example and mentor for other young Hispanic/Latina professionals seeking administrative positions in higher education. Thanks to her perseverance and passion to serve others, she continues to inspire students to grow in their leadership and helps schools providing leadership development workshops and presentations through her company Advanced Leadership Strategies, LLC. This is her story.

July 9, 2017

Telsys Tarallo – Storytelling with a Purpose

Telsys Tarallo is a loving mother, a dedicated co-founder of Athlete Race, successful owner & director of Afterglow Marketing, a driven triathlete, soon-to-be Ironman, Yogi, paddleboarder and doer. Her work and initiatives bring together her passion for storytelling and doing good. A Miami native of Cuban parents, Telsys determination leads her to achieve great results for her clients and live a life of purpose. Here is her story.

June 30, 2017

Valeria Hinojosa – Influencing Lives with Mindfulness

Valeria Hinojosa is a Latina on a mission to influence our lives through mindful living. She was born and raised in Bolivia and after working in private banking for 5 years she switched to a life of meaning. A true social entrepreneur, Valeria brings her love for veganism, yoga, mindful living and adventure to WaterThruSkin, Miami’s blog about a lifestyle with a conscience that inspires us to live a mindful life. She has travelled the world visiting the most exotic, eco-friendly, animal-loving, Yogi and soul-enriching places, and has launched WTS Connect, the world’s first conscious influencer agency. Read on to be inspired by her drive to create change in the world through her words.

June 22, 2017

Hipatia Lopez – Innovating Your Kitchen

Hipatia Lopez is one of the less than 1% of Latinas who hold a patent in the United States. “Empanada Fork”, an idea that came from the need to speed up the production process of empanadas in her household during a Thanksgiving dinner, is now a patented reality and has launched Hipatia into the world of entrepreneurship. As the CEO and Inventor of Empanada Fork, she believes in herself and in the usefulness of her product and through determination she will continue sharing her invention with the world. Read on for her story.

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