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Shirley Solis – Empowering Women to Live Life to the Fullest

Shirley Solis is the CEO and Founder of Rise- Institute of Personal Development for Women, which offers programs to support the seasons of a woman's heart through personal awareness and healing, parenting, business and leadership skills.  Shirley is a mom of 6 (children ages 23-8) and her passion for family inspired her to create Powerful Parenting Academy- a leadership program to raise powerful and amazing children. Shirley is the best-selling author of Not Just Tacos,an international cookbook that takes you on a journey of Latin American cuisine. She is also the creator of Live Life- a 3 day live event to help women experience the freedom of being feminine- coming April 2019! Read on to be inspired.

Belen Andrade – Impactando la Vida de los Niños

Belén Andrade es profesional de Relaciones Internacionales con experiencia en Políticas de Infancia, Derechos Humanos y Migraciones. Ha dedicado su trabajo a varias Agencias de Naciones Unidas y organizaciones no lucrativas incluyendo UNICEF en Ecuador y en España. Su pasión por el emprendimiento social y la innovación, la Responsabilidad Social de las Empresas, y las estrategias de mejora y crecimiento personal, han guiado su trayectoria profesional y continuan inspirando su día a día. Lee más para conocer su historia. 

Miri Rodriguez – Empowering the World Through Storytelling

Miri Rodriguez has high standards + high heels and is always on the next adventure to disrupt something. She is a dreamer, a strategist, a storyteller and a believer. She is an international keynote speaker. Sometimes insomniac. And as she puts is: "Ice cream is my superfood."  She has a contagious energy and zest for life that permeates her work and home life, and her empathy for others is matched only by her drive and determination. Read on to be inspired with Miri's story.

The faces of Latina Leadership

Nely Galan
Nina Vaca
Mayda Cisneros
Codie Sanchez
Miri Rodriguez
Yai Vargas
Aldeide Delgado
Valeria Hinojosa


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