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NENANI showcases women that inspire and shares knowledge to embolden women seeking success


Empowering young Latinas to dream big and reach their potential


Executive leadership coaching, workshops, consulting and keynote speaking on leadership


Aldeide Delgado – Elevando La Historia de la Fotógrafa Cubana

Aldeide Delgado es historiadora, curadora e investigadora cubana dedicada a elevar los logros y talentos de fotografas cubanas por medio de su iniciativa Catálogo de Fotógrafas Cubanas. Aldeide ha participado en eventos en la Universidad de La Habana, Casa de Las Américas, Bienal de Miami, la 12ava Bienal de Havana entre muchos otros, y en conferencias donde resalta pasión por la investigación y dedicación a su causa. Continua leyendo para inspirarte con su historia.

Neri Martinez – Empowering Leaders to Serve in Public Office

Neri Martinez has a vast experience in the non-profit, public and private sectors, in addition to her tri-lingual education and experience living abroad. Neri is dedicated to bringing greater diversity and female leadership to the Republican party across the country. With a strong faith and passion for people, Neri works every day to empower the best leaders to serve in public office. Read more to learn about Neri's journey and passion.

Eduarda Krieger – Bringing Affordable Pet Care to Underprivileged Families

Eduarda Krieger, DVM opened her practice in September in the heart of Washington Heights and is dedicated in helping the community with awareness for preventative care for dogs and cats. Dr. Krieger is committed to providing her pet patients with excellent level of medical care and provides outreach and affordable pet care for underprivileged families in the area. Read more about the way Dr. Krieger combines pet care, fashion and doing good.

The faces of Latina Leadership

Nely Galan
Nina Vaca
Mayda Cisneros
Codie Sanchez
Hipatia Lopez
Rosa María Mollo
Linda Lopez-Stone
Aldeide Delgado


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