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Hipatia Lopez – Innovating Your Kitchen

Hipatia Lopez is one of the less than 1% of Latinas who hold a patent in the United States. "Empanada Fork", an idea that came from the need to speed up the production process of empanadas in her household during a Thanksgiving dinner, is now a patented reality and has launched Hipatia into the world of entrepreneurship. As the CEO and Inventor of Empanada Fork, she believes in herself and in the usefulness of her product and through determination she will continue sharing her invention with the world. Read on for her story.

Frances Prado – Inventor and Entrepreneur

France's charisma is rivaled only by her creativity and determination. She took her "Aha!" moment, obtained a patent and is now building her own business helping other women organize their beautiful lingerie in a convenient way. She is the Inventor and CEO of Hanging Secrets, which won her the HSN (Home Shopping Network) Project American Dreams National Contest and is now sold on HSN. She is among the only 7% of sole female inventors that have ever been granted a Patent in the U.S. Read her inspiring story and feel motivated to pursue your own Aha! moment

Veronica Pesantes – Preserving Cultural Authenticity Around the World

Veronica Pesantes has been immersed in the world of art and design for over 25 years and has studied, worked and travelled across continents, receiving awards and grants including a Fulbright scholarship to study Quechua in the Andes. This richness of experiences came through immediately when I first met her at the first #FashionRevolution event in Miami, and when she mentioned she was Ecuadorian sparks flew. She is now living in Miami and is one-half of The Onikas, "a lifestyle brand inspired by the romance of travel, the magic of artisan-made goods and mindful pursuit of dreams." Learn more about Veronica's story.

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Veronica Pesantes
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