NENANI is a platform to showcase the contributions from Latin Women
and to advocate for increased Women Leadership



NENANI showcases women that inspire and shares knowledge to embolden women seeking success


Empowering young Latinas to dream big and reach their potential


NENANI conducts research and speeches on business subjects, with special emphasis on women leadership


Codie Sanchez – Helping the World Rewrite Stories

Codie Sanchez is a force of nature. She has an indomable spirit, enormous ambition and an unlimited supply of drive. She dreams big and makes those dreams happen. And she enjoys her life. If you have signed up for her Monday Slay newsletter you are proud to be one of her "animals" or one of her favorite "homo-sapiens". She motivates and lights you up from the inside out with her provocative advice. Just take a look at her #1 reason you aren't getting what you want blog post and you'll come out on the other side ready to take over the world. This is another look at what makes Codie an icon.

Linda Lopez-Stone – Promoting Latino Heritage

Linda Lopez-Stone was inspired to pass on her Hispanic heritage to her children and her passion became finding and being the resource to raise them bicultural. To do that, she founded the online platform where she shares tips, stories and information to promote biculturalism, creating awareness of other cultures and languages, with special interest in promoting her Ecuadorian culture. Read on for more inspiration to remember your roots.

Daniela Guevara – The Voice of Hope and Empowerment

Daniela Guevara's natural curiosity lead her to find her passion in radio and Mass Communications, and thanks to her commitment to excel throughout her school and career, she is now forging her way in sales and business development at NBCUniversal. She continues to live her passion, building her career while making herself available as a resource to other Latinas. Read on for her story of hope and empowerment.

The faces of Latina Leadership

Nina Vaca
Mayda Cisneros
Codie Sanchez
Nancy Molina
Rosa María Mollo
Linda Lopez-Stone
Noelle Brillembourg
Diana Bellini


I invite you to learn more about the contributions of Latin Women and to become inspired to reach for your own dreams

Ana Larrea-Albert

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